How does it work?

Over half of Americans complain that prescription drugs are too expensive. That’s why the doctors of Ourlife Health created Scriptasaurus: we want to make it easy for you to get “The Best Meds at the Best Price.” 

The thing is, even though doctors spend years learning how drugs work and how to prescribe them correctly, most of us don’t know how much those drugs cost. That’s not part of a doctor’s decision-making process, in part because drugs pricing differs according to countless variables, including from pharmacy to pharmacy and depending on your insurance carrier. That's where Scriptasaurus can help.

If you are employed with an enrolled company, you will receive a confidential Scripta Report. Scriptasaurus does not provide your employer access to your personal report or disclose any medication information about you. Once you receive the report, simply:  

  1. Make an appointment with your primary caregiver.
  2. Take a copy of your Scripta Report with you to the appointment.
  3. Your report lists current cost and co-pay information, as well as possible savings that may be available. Keep in mind, however, that Scriptasaurus does not tell you what drug to take. Only you and your doctor can make that decision.
  4. Contact us of have your doctor call 877-744-1801 with any questions.
  5. Always take prescription drugs only as directed by your doctor. 

Where do the savings come from?

Ourlife Health works directly with your company's prescription benefits manager (PBM) in order to obtain historical claims information for every single employee. Our proprietary software then streamlines that data and information about medication costs, associated co-pays, and comparable, cost-effective drugs that will produce savings, both for the company and for the individual employees themselves.